A Safety Checklist When Preparing Kid Playgrounds Preparing a safe and enjoyable playgrounds environment enables them to play without getting hurt. Sadly, there is no guaranteed formula for keeping playgrounds free of accidents but proper planning minimizes their occurrence. Indoor and outdoor play spaces are important for kids since they offer them the chance to exercise and become social. You need to make sure that all safety precautions are in place before you let the kids access the playground. When all safety rules are adhered to, it gives your children the freedom to explore and adventure without feeling apprehensive. It’s advisable that you discuss these safety measures with the young ones and what is expected of them before they head out to play. If you are a parent or caregiver; it’s advisable that you evaluate particular playground attributes if you are dealing with kids under eight years of age. Some of the attributes to look for include the design of the playground, types of play equipment, safety, assess and adult supervision requirements. If a playground environment meets the said attributes, your children will be safe from accidents, and they will enjoy their playtime. It’s wise to have all safety measures I place but you need to provide supervision and monitoring as well. Supervision involves taking proactive steps which may include assessing, predicting and taking action to prevent injuries. You need to walk around the playground as you scan for potential hazards and make quick changes. Although you have provide safe playground equipment and space, you still need to supervise the young ones. When you supervise, you will identify risk such as broken equipment, risky surfaces, jutting objects or spaces where heads can get stuck.
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If you cannot fix the broken equipment, you need to call appropriate authorities to mend them before letting kids play. When preparing playground environments, you need to note that small kids cannot play well if mixed with bigger children. It’s therefore important to choose the right playground after assessing the kid’s age. It’s advisable that you choose age-appropriate play equipment for the children. When preparing the playground, make sure that you have surfaces that reduce the impact if a kid falls. You need to have soft landing surfaces around equipment such as swings or slides.
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If kids are left to play over surfaces such as concrete, gravel, dirt or grass surfaces, you are likely to be handling more cases if injury. If you want to keep your playground safe, you can use surface material such as sand, shredded rubber, wood chips and mulch. It’s advisable that you ensure that soft surfacing around pay equipment spreads at least 6 feet wide and 12 inches deep. To keep your kids safe on the playground, always have them checked by qualified experts from time to time.