Picking a Good HVAC Contractor A popular HVAC contractor isn’t always the right fit for your project. Do some homework and be aware of their reputation in the market before signing agreement contract. Besides, there are almost countless HVAC contractors today, and you’ll need to find the best candidate in terms of work quality and affordability. These tips can help you in your search: Experience It’s preferable to hire someone who’s been around for no less than five years. After all, the industry is very competitive, and only the best can survive. However, take note that while experience is important, there’s more to it. There are many bright new talents out there! Be suspicious of anyone who says they’ve been “doing things this way for decades” – the air conditioning business is continuously changing.
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Hire an HVAC contractor who has a license issued by the Contractors State License Board. Unfortunately, a lot of them claim to be licensed, but are actually not. There’s so much at stake! Only a licensed HVAC contractor is supposed to tinker with gas lines and electrical and plumbing applications because the job requires special knowledge and ability. Imagine if you hire someone who didn’t closing off your gas line or disposing of refrigerant properly. The risks are very significant. Written Bid Your HVAC contractor must give you a written estimate or bid. Some will try to give you a “verbal bid.” Even if this is accepted in particular states as a legal, binding contract, it will be nearly impossible to prove in a dispute. Any reliable HVAC contractor will give you a written estimate that they will stick to. Also be careful of HVAC contractors who will try to give you an estimate or bid through the phone. There are just so many factors to look into, from ducting to insulation to per-room registers and more, which a technician will be unable to see without actually inspecting the equipment and site. If somebody gives you an estimate for a job they haven’t personally checked out, be suspicious. Online Reviews Also watch out for a “small local business” with tons of reviews. Use your intuition. Some companies will actually give people discounts if they wrote them a five-star review. Pick your favorite review site and do lots of research! Cost HVAC equipment is nothing like paint or a water pipe. It is a machine composed of moving parts that will (hopefully) last for 10 or 15 years, depending on a lot of factors, such as how it is installed. What can you do? Get several bids, and again, trust your gut. It is always better in the long run to hire the well-reputed contractor up front, even if they are a bit more costly.