Bicycle Knee Rehabilitation to Quicken Recovery Wherever you are, you will sure find exercise bikes in your gyms, health clubs and physiotherapy clinics. Knee rehabilitation can be quick through cycling. But, what can cycling really offer? The very first thing we have to know are the goals or benefits of an exercise bike. – Cycling can help increase knee joint movements.
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– The muscle strength around the knees will be restored.
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– The knee joint stability is increased. – It helps eliminate the pain. – Cycling can help prevent the injury to occur again. These things that cycling can be of huge help indicates that cycling is good for the knees to increase the joint stability and mobility. This exercise is perfect for those having knee injury or knee surgery. Also, a person having an osteoarthritis can also use this exercise to manage the condition. A bicycle contains multiple features making it perfect for knee rehabilitation. – The bearing of the bicycle is non-weight. – Bicycle is low impact. – It has a wide range of motion for daily living tasks. – Cycling has a controlled movement. – Another is variable resistance. – Stability of position is also a feature of cycling. – Cyclic movement can help nourish the joint cartilage. – This exercise is a closed kinetic chain. – Cycling is a good cardiovascular exercise. The legs have major muscles around which are being used during cycling. As you push the pedal down, the quadriceps work and straighten your legs. Your knees bend because of the hamstrings located at the back of your thigh. However, the amount of work of the hamstrings can vary. The use of bicycle for your rehabilitation program can help improve the strength of your knees. The good thing with this cyclical movement for the knees is that it doesn’t come with excessive forces. In this way, the bones get nourished. There be many exercises perfect for knee rehabilitation, but cycling is one of the best. Since there is a low strain placed on the anterior cruciate ligament or ACL, cycling is sure a safe exercise. When including cycling in your knee rehabilitation exercise, it is very important to ask your doctor about it. Take note of what he says. Always begin slow and don’t rush things. There is no good with rushing things as it can end up wrong. Then, be sure to pick the right type of bicycle since there are a number of options available in the market today. Now that you already know what cycling can do, sure enough you are going to use of this activity for your greater benefit.