As a maritime country, Philippines has many interesting places to dive. If you’re looking the best booking diving packages and courses online, you can contact at site divebooker. Of course, choosing an instructor is a major consideration after establishing an option to take a dive certification.

“Never dive alone.” That’s standard in the world of diving. Yes, since diving is a high risk, it is best not to abandon all disciplines regarding safety procedures.

Here’s a suggestion on choosing a dive instructor:

  1. It is important to know early about the background, experience, nature, and maturity of the instructor who will become the teacher. Inevitably, sometimes research on instructors is much less than when buying outdoor items.
  2. Consider comparing some of the instructors. Thus, you can find out how the instructor is with each other in providing teaching materials. Research can also be done by asking the previous student.
  3. Seek out information on prospective instructors who will be entrusted by interviewing first. Surely the interview here does not need to be formal. Rather it can come and look for a quiet time and talk casually on the sidelines of the routine in the pool. Can also ask for time to ask by visiting directly to the dive shop or dive resort. Philippines liveaboard will make it easier for you to take care of all that stuff.
  4. Consider once again. Choosing full confidence in a dive instructor is tantamount to surrendering your fate in the ocean. By believing, of course, diving will be more relaxed, calm and safe.
  5. There is no harm in seeing the instructor personally. Do not just look at the dive shop where he works, the dive resort or his agency. Because the instructor is what will teach how to survive and adjust in a human environment.
  6. Diving instructors in different places will have more extensive experience and knowledge. Especially experience from problems or cases that are often faced. This will certainly add to the understanding and knowledge beyond the textbook that can be shared with the students.
  7. A good instructor is an instructor who puts security and safety first. Instructors should also teach how to solve a problem while diving. It aims to not panic when things happen that are not desirable. For the record, accidents in the diving happen because of panic and underestimate safety procedures.
  8. Choose an instructor with high environmental sensitivity. The example teaches not to touch the rocks, not to ride a turtle or to move beyond the proper limitations. The instructor’s love for diving sports can be judged by the diving discipline.