A Broader Look Into Environmental Issues

Since ages ago, without a good environment no life can prosper on earth. Out of all the animal kingdom, it is our sole duty as humans to take care of the environment.

it is clearly known that we as humans have failed in our task of safekeeping the environment. We have done a disservice to ourselves as the damage perpetrated on earth has as a result come back to haunt us. Natural disasters, warming and cooling are caused by the unexpected weather patterns It is of no dispute that the planet is on the verge of collapsing and we need to take urgent steps to salvage it.

You cannot deny the fact that Global warming is mostly discussed environment problem. The earth is warmer than it should be and this has caused ice melting in the north and south poles. Some animas have died as a result of the melting which has also resulted to rising sea levels. The climate warming has been going on for over 50 years now and the situation is feared to get worse as the human population will grow by 2 billion. No one rather than humans are to blame for the Global warming disastrous effects on earth.
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Water pollution is among the types of environment pollution. Water pollution is when water masses get dirtied by toxic wastes. Sea creatures are the ones facing the brunt of the pollution as most are dying therefore their numbers in the ocean are dwindling. This has resulted to the endangerment of certain aquatic species which have a survived n earth for a long period. Action are being undertaken to save the various species under endangerment but environmental awareness should not be forsaken.
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Natural resources are being misused through illegal fishing, consumerism logging and mining causing limited natural endowment. Any time you cut trees and wipe out an entire forestation that activity is known as logging and it is illegal. Some mining activities like hydraulic fracturing and acid drainage are illegal as they normally destroy the environment.

Various organizations have been formed to deal with environmental issues. The main goal of this organizations is to bring a solution that will save the planet from an early death by employing education, advocacy and activism which have been proven to be effective. Environmentalism is the term that explicitly explains the environment movements that are carried out by activists who seek to create a better environment through the actions that they will carry out while socially demonstrating.

The mandate of these organizations should not only be carried out by them instead everyone should pull up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. Saving earth needs unity.