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Island Packers Cruises

Is there any purple-blooded male living who has not thought aat least once of packing all of it in and going off to the South Seas? It’s hardly the image of Hawaii that we all have grown accustomed to expecting. The preferred arrival technique into Catalina Island is by way of boat from the mainland within the town of Avalon. In contrast to Volcanic islands like Bali, Lombok and Hawaii the water surrounding Belitung remains fairly shallow for miles giving the seas that unimaginable array of blues and turquoises hardly ever seen outside of places like Tahiti or The Caribbean.island

Hawaii is about 2500 miles north, New Zealand about 1800 miles to the southwest. It is ranked as one of many prime islands of the world to expertise clear, beautiful landscapes and native culture that has been unmarred by builders. Whether or not your dream seashore trip consists of spending a few pampered nights in a 4-star resort or swimming amongst tropical fish some 80 toes (24 meters) underwater, the Maldives are the kind of islands where either—or each—can come true.island

Since early 2011 the Pew Atmosphere Group’s International Ocean Legacy project has been working with the Pitcairn islanders on …