Skyline Luge is a unique attraction packed with fun, entertainment, and adventure. Being the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, it has grown to become a must-visit and a hotspot for fun-loving tourists. Skyline Luge is a self-driving car system that relies on gravity to enable its movement. You can think of it like a go-kart, except, instead of going in circles, you’ll be going down slopes.

First thing first, you must have Skyline Luge Sentosa  tickets that you can buy online through Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp, to enter this attraction for unique experiences during a holiday with your family or beloved ones. The attraction comes with a Skyride that takes used carts, other equipment, and riders back to the starting point. Your ride uphill on the Skyride comes with spectacular views of the coastline of Singapore.

You can also indulge in Night Luge, which happens on Fridays and Saturdays when the track is open till 9:30 PM. As you go down the tracks, you get an incredible view of Sentosa Island as the lights start to shimmer around you.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you will love Skyline Luge. Perhaps you might wonder what exactly is a Skyline Luge. Skyline is a ride that resembles a ski lift, and Luge is a half go-kart and half toboggan ride, originating from New Zealand. This is a perfect family activity for all ages as it is thrilling, yet safe, giving you the freedom to be in full control yet deliver a rush of adrenaline.

Jungle Trail – 628m

Zoom through a tunnel covered in luxuriant plant-life as you tackle hairpin corners.

Kupu Kupu Trail – 638m

Kupu Kupu means butterfly in Malay. Here, riders can tackle a few easy turns before coasting down to the bottom.

Expedition Trail – 658m

Calling all thrill-seekers! Embark on an exciting journey that runs through Sentosa’s lush rainforest. Be sure to bring along your sense of adventure, as you zoom through exhilarating tunnels and twist and turn around thrilling corners.

Dragon Trail – 688m

Feel the adrenaline run through your veins as you navigate your way sharp turn before going downhill with a series of bends.

If you’re looking for a little more thrill, wait till the darkness settles, and a brand-new adventure awaits you as the tracks come alive with vibrant colours that provide an entirely new Luge experience.

Double your exhilaration with the Sky ride. Jump aboard a 4-seater chairlift with your feet dangling. Once on top, you’ll forget you even have a fear of heights. The breathtaking view of Singapore’s city skyline, the Siloso Beach, the harbour, and a land full of trees are so calming. When night falls, cosy up for a romantic ride under the stars and soak up the atmosphere.

You should experience both rides yourself to understand why Skyline Luge came up with the tagline “once is never enough”.

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