One of the most anticipated newlyweds after holding a wedding is a honeymoon. In addition to removing fatigue, this moment can also be used to build romance and closeness with the couple.

When choosing a hotel to stay for a honeymoon, choose a location away from the crowd (not on the roadside) so you and your partner will not be disturbed by the noise of passing vehicles.

In addition, choosing a quiet hotel will also increase your concentration and focus on your partner. You know what that means, right? Do not forget, although away from the crowd, still choose a strategic and easy to reach.

Honeymoon during the holiday season like a weekend or red date is not recommended. In addition to the streets jammed, when the holiday tourist attraction and the hotel are also crowded with visitors.

This is certainly quite disturbing your togetherness with your partner. So, better choose an active day for honeymooners. If necessary, take a break from work.

Generally, each hotel has a promo or special offer offered to its guests, one of which is a honeymoon package. This honeymoon package usually includes romantic surprises, dinner, body treatments, and more. could help you to find the best place for your honeymoon.

Before agreeing to book a hotel, ask if there is a special offer that suits you for your honeymoon. Because the hotel does not always display the information on their website page.

Before deciding to honeymoon, recalculate how much funding is needed and compare with the budget you have. It is important to determine which hotel you will stay, how long.

When making a at the reception desk, it’s good to notify the hotel that you and your partner are going on a honeymoon. Although it looks trivial, things like this will be the consideration of the hotel when serving you.

A free spa, roses in the bathtub, and so on are examples of bonus services the hotel offers to its honeymoon guests. Do not forget to also tell them about when you can be disturbed, when not.

Preparing a surprise for him is one way you can do to please and excite him. No need to fancy, just write down the sweet messages and place on the dresser to be read when he wakes up. Although it looks simple, little surprises like this proved to increase feelings of love to the couple.

If you honeymooned in a place that is attached to the memory while still going out first, try to visit it again. This will make you and your partner remember the good times before marriage, which of course will add romance and intimacy.